“No Autumn, No Spring” is a portrait of Guayaquil’s erratic, disenchanted middle class youth. A punk ballad told from the point of view of nine youngsters through non-linear stories that interconnect.

Lucas is a law student who believes in the anarchy of the imagination. When his ideals shatter he becomes addicted to sleeping pills. Paula sells pills around the city while she collects stories of happiness with her tape recorder. The absence of his father and a physical condition that makes her deal with pain, have marked her since childhood. A love story told like a puzzle in which Paula seeks for her happiness as Lucas seeks to be awake.

Antonia has always been a life enjoyer. The fact that she only has a few months left to live hasn’t changed her point of view. Martín, her ex, comes back to Guayaquil after eight years with Gloria, his fiancée. He doesn’t suspect what Antonia is about to ask him. A love triangle in which no one knows the limits until they cross them.

Synopsis Synopsis

Rafa is a young successful bussinessman who hates his job. When the relationship with Ana ends violently, he realizes that he needs to find what really interests him. Ana in her loneliness develops an attraction to her neighbor Sofía and her boyfriend Manuel. That leads her to spy on them and manipulate their relationship.

Happiness, dissidence, evasion, decadence and love.

Guayaquil is the wonderful city where I was born and spent my childhood and adolescence. Every time I think about the city, I think about listening to music through very poor quality headphones, I think about friends playing guitar and singing in English in the hallway of a house. I think about daydreaming wearing a T-shirt while walking in the warm night.

On the other hand, every time I watch tv or read a book about the city, I find another Guayaquil: a city constructed by the media -oligarchy and poverty fighting for ratings on tv-, constructed by power -the 'Wanna be' Miami or 'Guayami'-, constructed by fear -a violent city, filled up to the nose with trash-, constructed by generalization - a city of bums, dopers and corrupt politicians-... And finally, a city constructed by prejudice -all of the above-.

I listen to all of this, and sometimes agree when it comes to the city's problems; other times i pretend I'm interested in the discussions. But when i sit down to write about the city, I realize that to me Guayaquil is a lot more than that. And this is what I mean: It is the wonderful city where I was born and spent my childhood and adolescence in.

This film is me imagining my friends' lives facing the system after adolescence. It is about phrases and sayings that outlive memory.It's about the music we dream about; a 'realistic' story.

Notas del Director Iván Mora Manzano